Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel


Are the sales funnel new in the market?

No. Every business and company has some sales process that converts leads to sales. It is the basic structure of the sales funnel. In this basic structure, marketing experts assist them with organising and maximising sales by creating automated sales funnels.

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What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are a journey that takes customers from uninterested buyers to loyal clients. In the funnel, there are three stages. The top of the funnel is ToFu, the middle is you, and the bottom is BoFu. The marketing phase is called ToFu. The MoFu phrase acts as a Sales phrase, while the BoFu phrase refers to everyone becoming a customer.

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Structure

This type of digital marketing sales funnel can benefit top-end products, including SaaS, course selling, affiliate products, and real estate sales. As a result of our own experience, we developed this funnel. We use this funnel for our own purposes and for our clients.

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Lead Magnet:

A lead magnet is the foundation of a digital marketing sales funnel. We must have a lead magnet to attract leads to our creatives. For example, if our product is real estate property, we can arrange pick-up and drop-off at the property. We offer some free classes if we sell courses. If we sell SaaS, we offer trials or demos. Use our benefits as a lead magnet in our creatives (Graphic design images and videos) to get more leads.

Source of Traffic and Traffic Generation:

We can use social media and search engines to generate traffic. We can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube. When creating those ads, we need to consider the audience, age group, location, revenue, and more to avoid unwanted traffic and money waste. If you need instant ROI, you can go for ads. If you need steady growth over time, you can go for Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. We suggest ads for starters. As we discussed, we have a quality lead magnet and unique creatives; we can get much traffic that will fill the top of the funnel to start the funnel work.

Lead Generation:

There are two methods to convert our traffic into leads. One, we can use the instant lead form in ads, and in another, we can send all our traffic to the landing page. If we use the intent lead form, we can get the lead's name, mail id, contact number, and location, and we use our sales team to start the MoFu or sales process. If we use a landing page, we can quickly get quality leads. To do that, we will tell you some of the insights we gather from long experience in the market.

The landing page must be user-friendly and have a good-looking UI that creates trust among all our traffic. We don't push traffic to fill out the lead form or make a purchase. We leave them free and need to give them many options to choose where they become leaders.

For example,

#We can give the whats app button at the bottom right that can make an impression among people interested in whatsapp.

#We can give our email id with a link if any interested mail person can use that.

#We can give a call button that anyone can make a call and give their requirement immediately.

#We also give lead forms on websites that will be convenient for long-term internet users.

#The landing page must have product details with their exclusive feature, and we can place any testimonials and reviews that can increase trust to traffic and help you get a high number of leads. If you have done any press coverage, you can also place your clients' details. You must have frequently asked questions before the footer to avoid more questions among tips.

Filtering Leads:

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We all know that leads are essential to bringing sales. Many starters think I need more leads to get more deals. That is a wrong thought. We only need quality leads to bring sales. You need to maximise the sales with fewer leads. For that, you need to build a proper system. Filtering leads is a critical area that will help you with wasting time and workforce.

For example,

You are selling a SaaS product. You got 5000 leads from social ads. To convert them into customers, you need a big sales team. A good salesperson can handle 300 leads per month. For 5000 tips, you may need a minimum of 17 to 25 sales persons. You need 3 to 5 sales managers to take these numbers of salespeople. Consider the minor thing: you have 17 salespeople and three sales managers. A salesperson can get a salary of Rs: 20,000 per month. For 17 persons, you need 3.4 lakhs rupees; for three sales managers, you need one lakhs rupees as additional. You need five lakhs per month for workforce management alone.

It is huge. To avoid this, you need to filter leads. You can automate something here to get quality leads. Using a landing page, you can get 70% quality leads. If you contact leads from an instant form, you will get 40 to 50 percent quality leads other than waste. You can filter that by using some method. Here we say one way we are using to identify quality leads. Our company's automated chat system sends messages to generate leads to their WhatsApp numbers. There we get some responses and filter the information. If we get 5000 tips, it will be screened to 500 to 800. To handle this, we only need 2 to 4 workforce.

It will help you to save a lot of money on the workforce. And you will get other benefits too. The conversion ratio of filtered leads is more than 25 percent. It is comparatively much higher than average leads sales. We can achieve two things with a single stone: one is money saving in the workforce, and the other is more quality leads.

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Follow-up or Nurturing:

Sales are only made with lots of follow-ups. There are a lot of lively sales follow-ups we have seen in our life. We regularly see credit card sales; they will follow us until we convert. In this follow-up stage, you must create awareness and interest in our product. All our salespeople must have listening skills; otherwise, we will lose the impression among leads. Follow-up must be prompt. If a client says that you need to remind him or give him a demo at a particular time, we must be on time. It will bring a good impression that influences the sales behaviour. Let us discuss more depth points.

A salesperson must predict a customer's sales behaviour by their interest. For example, suppose a lead of your SaaS product has an interest in particular features you have in your product. In that case, a sales rep must grab that interest and influence the sales by doing a demo and other things based on that interest. A salesperson must have a personalised approach to bringing deals. Sometimes a follow-up will become an aggressive sales pitch to avoid that you must provide some value to each lead. Begin your conversation by stating how they were and how their business was going. And ask every time what their pain point is. Please mention if we have any features in our product that will reduce their pain points. It will be a good value that brings sales.

Keep every point short and crisp with a conversational tone, not in question or another style. Create urgency and give an offer within a reasonable period that makes sales. Don't be afraid of follow-ups. Fear of follow-up will lead you to less conversion ratio. Be strong while doing follow-ups. You must know when to stop because, at some point, it may become very aggressive. So, put an end to ongoing follow-up. It may sound complex, but we need to do it.

Demo / Trail:

eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore

As a SaaS product company, we experienced 10 out of 8 sales completed only after a demo of our product. Before going to the topic, let me explain something. The sales demo and product demo are both different. A sales demo is always based on a sales perspective which influences sales, but a product demo is an informative kind of thing. So, don't do average informative product demos. A sales demo always delivers a point that shows how our product meets their needs and solves their pain points.

A salesperson must understand that not every sales demo is the same because every lead has different needs and pain points. So, before starting, we must analyse the client's perspective. Always ask questions to our leads in the demo because this will bring engagement from external diversions, and they will get more insights about our products. At the end of time, include some real-time data that shows how you solved some problems among previous clients and why our product is essential for their growth.


While bringing sales, we have done some experiments among our clients. Let me explain that. We decided to avoid payment gateways when we started because they charge nearly 2 percent for every sale. At some point in time, we did A/B testing. In that analysis, most customers prefer to pay via payment gateways because they have various options like UPI, Cards, and online wallets. To be frank, we also learned that more than 40 percent of consumers used credit cards to pay. So, leave a free hand to customers so they can choose whatever they want. If you do it all in the funnel, you will get sales.

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Customer Retention

We discussed everything about the digital marketing sales funnel, but after getting deals, we have more things to do. Many companies fail here. They face many difficulties with customer retention, and most companies are not focusing on this.

Let me give some live examples of our company products. We are selling eCommerce SaaS products for Rs: 10,000 per year. The cost per customer acquisition cost of ours is Rs: 3,700 for last month, including workforce cost and ads cost. We are getting nearly 3x our investment. It is a good profit. But next year's renewal is Rs; 10,000, and they also do some other customization at an extra cost based on their business growth. It is the actual profit that many companies fail to get it.

Everyone focuses more than sales on the customer retention process. From our point of view, deals are more accessible than customer retention. Day by day, marketing costs are increasing rapidly due to competition, so customer retention is a big game of the future in the market. Let us share some insights to retain your customers.

Meet the expectation you created:

Always guide your sales team to get a client with what we have if we create an expectation of the product than the reality. It may end up in customer upset. Always complete the project within the deadline.

Customer Support:

It is where we retained more number of customers. After-sales we dedicate a support person to every customer we get. They will assist all our clients whenever doubt or any problem arises. It brought more impressions among our clients. So, they gave us many referrals.

Once you do all this, you will get more customer referrals without marketing costs. So, handle the customer with calm and care.

Go Ahead and Create Your Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

In this blog, you get more insights into how to create a sales funnel. Make every visitor to your landing page to customers.

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