Why eCommerce website development is important nowadays?

Back then, doing e-commerce business and expanding your business was very difficult, and all businesses including eCommerce needed a great deal of funding to do that. Nowadays, however, people can do business from home using digital platforms. They can easily reach international customers with a simple eCommerce website, offer easy payment methods, and provide shipping solutions at a reasonable price. These are all advantages these days.

There are a lot of responsibilities and complexities that come with starting an eCommerce business, including sales, marketing, inventory management, shipping, payment collection, and so on. This is where we will automate your more complex processes through a single website.


eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore

Why is MS IT PARK, the best eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore?

We are one of the most reliable & unique eCommerce development companies in Coimbatore. We plan to provide an easy way for small and medium businesses to do their business online at an affordable cost. Our custom-coded eCommerce website is customizable, secured, expandable, and scalable. We have a lot of advanced features in our model eCommerce website.

  • Payment Gateways (To collect payment on the eCommerce website),
  • SMS Gateways (To verify customer with OTP),
  • Shipping Gateways (To deliver your product worldwide with home or shop pickup),
  • Referral Program (To gain more customer base),
  • Reward Point System (To influence more sales).

These are the sample features we have in the model website.

Powerful Mobile Optimized Admin Panel

eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore

We have a powerful mobile optimized eCommerce website with an admin panel that gives you to access a wide range of features. Let us discuss what are the features we must have in eCommerce website development. To begin with, we need to upload a product. For that, you need to create a category, then enter the brand, the unit, the minimum purchase quantity, the images, videos, the colours, sizes, the MRP price, the selling price, discount, and the SKU (stock keeping unit). The following are the basic steps you should follow when uploading products to your eCommerce website. Almost every eCommerce website has this feature.

What makes us unique compared to others?

  • We've integrated our model eCommerce website with Shiprocket (shipping partner) so that when a customer orders a product from your site, Shiprocket automatically gathers information about that product, such as its length, height, and other details. You can effortlessly see that in the Shiprocket admin panel and approve it for delivery—no manual work.
  • You must mention the stock quantity when uploading a new product. If all quantities are sold, the product automatically shows out of stock. A warning email is sent to you on the website saying that the amount of the product is very low.
  • You can enter GST & Tax percentages for each and every product.
  • When developing our model eCommerce website, we included a referral system. To avoid high referral commissions, you can manually enter referral points for each product.
  • We also included SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for each and every product on the model site.
  • Abandoned carts have a significant impact on sales. A customer who almost made a purchase but discontinued means we will contact them to ask for a review, and we will convert it to a sale. In order to do this, we need abandoned cart data, which we already have on our model eCommerce website.
  • In the admin panel, we also offer ERP, which allows you to manage online and offline stocks in one place. As a result, you can fill out GST forms and generate sales reports more easily. An all-in-one dashboard lets you keep an eye on everything.
  • The staff management system helps you manage and assign different roles to your team members as a business owner.

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How long does it take to develop an eCommerce website?

Building an eCommerce website in WordPress from scratch takes at least 20 days. Coding takes more than 45 business days. As a Software Development company, we have an advanced eCommerce website. We will provide it to you if you need it. Otherwise, we can customize as per your needs, and we will charge accordingly.

Can I generate revenue by developing an eCommerce website?

In short, if you develop an eCommerce website you can create a brand and expand your business. To generate revenue from an e-commerce website, you need to do many things. You need to do Digital Marketing, PPC, and search engine optimization to bring more engagement and increase the online client base.

  • Tracking and analyzing: Tracking codes must be used to track Facebook and Google ads. You can put your tracking code in a separate column in our eCommerce admin panel. Using Google Analytics, you can analyze the traffic on your site. By doing this, you will gain a better understanding of your customers' engagement. You will learn what they like and don't like, and what is the peak time on your site, among other things.
  • Blogging: Keeping a blog regularly will keep your customers engaged and give them more insight into your products.
  • Referral programs: This is an old method, but it works remarkably well. Ask your old clients to refer more clients using the affiliate links they have in their customer panel. They also earn affiliate commissions on that.
  • Reward Program: Through its reward programs, Google Pay attracted a larger number of users. Customers enjoy being rewarded for their purchases. MS IT Park conducted extensive research on this and developed a reward program for our model eCommerce website which gives rewards to customers while purchasing.

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Why does user experience matter so much in eCommerce websites?

In today's world, eCommerce business faces a lot of competition. If we don't offer a positive user experience, we'll lose customers. Let's discuss real-life examples. In the absence of proper packaging, a good product loses its impression. Proper packing gives better results in sales, just as a good UX (User eXperience) plays a significant role in website sales. Therefore, we plan our user experience in Graphic Design First and create a web page.

By using our business development executives, we conducted some market research. As a result, we gained better insights into UX. In reality, customer behaviour varies by location when it comes to sales. North Indian customers can easily purchase each and every product online, but in South India, most people are hesitant to buy online. We used a lot of insights when creating an eCommerce website. Each and every part of our model site was created using real-time market research. In the end, we tested the model site live with more than 20 businesses. Again, we received some practical ideas that we implemented in our final version of the eCommerce site. We will provide this if necessary; otherwise, we customize and provide it as needed. Here are some of the features we developed for eCommerce websites.

A unique and effortless customer login flow:

Previously, customers had to enter their email addresses and passwords to create an account on eCommerce websites. They should also check their email and verify it. This takes a lot of time from customers. Today's customers want an effortless purchase, and they have a variety of options. If we don't engage with them, we'll lose. Having done a lot of market research and experimentation in Coimbatore, we have finally found an efficient solution.

  • Step 1: Customers need to enter their mobile numbers.
  • Step 2: Enter the OTP to verify, then enter the name and 4-digit PIN as a password.
  • Step 3: Now they can simply sign in using their mobile number and PIN, which they provided when they signed up.

Progressive Web App (PWA):

A PWA allows you to download the web version of eCommerce websites or other websites to your mobile device. It looks like a native app, but it's a web app. There is no need to go to the Play Store or the iOS Store. It can be installed from the Google Chrome browser. The PWA feature is included in our eCommerce website model.

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Third-party integrations:

A third-party integration connects our website with one or more external platforms. For some purposes, we integrated third-party platforms. As a result, you will be able to run your online business effortlessly. The mandatory platform has already been integrated into our model eCommerce website. Whenever you need more platforms, we can connect them for you and charge you accordingly.

  • Payment Gateway
    Payment gateways are used to collect payments from customers during the ordering process. Razorpay, Instamojo, Stripe, Paypal, and others are some of the payment gateways we have integrated inside our eCommerce platform.
  • Shipment Gateway
    The shipping gateway is responsible for delivering your order from your doorstep to your customer's doorstep. In our model site, Shiprocket is integrated as a shipping partner. If you need more shipment providers inside your platform, we will connect them.
  • SMS Gateway
    Fast2SMS and 2factorSMS were integrated as SMS providers. During the signup process, your customers receive an OTP for verification purposes. To get OTP, you must also recharge your SMS provider.
  • Customised API Integration
    In addition, we plan to integrate other third parties like Whatsapp, Tri3d, and others to enhance the user experience.
  • POS
    As a software development company, we develop a lot of ERPs for clients. Our basic ERP modules connect both online and offline systems which helps you to manage your stocks easily. This same software can be used for billing in your shop. This is an added benefit.

Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website:

If you want to learn what multivendor is, take a look at Amazon and Flipkart. Multivendor is a site where more than one seller can sell a product.

Why do we need multi-vendor features as an add-on to the eCommerce website? There is big competition in the market to show you a big product you may need additional support. If you want to be unique you don't need this feature. It is just an addon.

Multivendor GST billing:

GST is now mandatory when selling products online. Each of your sellers has a GST number on a multivendor website. This platform was created in accordance with GST rules. When a customer purchases a product from a seller in another state, the tax is shown as IGST. In the case of a seller and customer from the same state, CSGT & SGST will be shown.


  • Is your eCommerce script scalable?
    Yes, we have tested it with thousands of visitors. You can trust it and buy it.
  • Did you provide technical support and a demo after purchase?
    Yes, we will create a Whatsapp group for our team. Tech support and demos can be provided at any time if necessary.
  • Is it multi-vendor?
    There is a button inside our eCommerce admin panel that you can use if you want to enable multivendor functionality.
  • Do you collect any hidden charges after installation?
    We don't collect any hidden fees. You only need to pay if you need the script customized.
  • Is there any yearly renewal charge?
    The domain must be renewed every year, as well as the server (hosting) if we provide it.
  • Is there a charge per sale?
    In order to use payment gateways, you must pay 2% of the sale amount.

Our Partners

To offer you the best service in the market, we have partnered with a number of companies

  • RazorpayX
  • Razorpay
  • Fast2SMS

In Addition, to the eCommerce website, we help you with this

To start a complete eCommerce business, you will need to do a few other things. The first thing you need is an MSME certificate and GST registration. We can help you get it if you need it. By doing that, we will apply for Razorpay to get their payment gateway API. Additionally, we have partnered with Razorpay X to open business current accounts. Therefore, we will open a current account in an ICICI bank or RBL bank using Razorpay X. We also help you to file monthly GST. To do that, you will have to pay some fees. We are proud to say that we are the most reliable eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore because of the support we are providing with our e-commerce website.

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