In India, MS IT Park is one of the leading companies for Laravel development. The code-crushing Laravel developers at our company will develop any type of Laravel application. As far as we are concerned, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework compared to its competitors. Due to the fact that we have a large number of developers on our team, we are able to work on a wide variety of projects simultaneously. This allows us to deliver outstanding results on time. Globally, we have worked on more than 50 Laravel projects. Laravel framework work we will do is listed below

Laravel Development Company in India

Why Laravel is the best framework?

A total of 645,082 active websites are developed using Laravel worldwide. To understand why Laravel is the best framework, let us first learn a little about it. PHP framework Laravel is an open-source, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use framework. Laravel and PHP use a model-view-controller architecture (MVC). Basically, it is made up of three sections: the Model, the View, and the Controller.

Model Component:

This is the most significant level because the data is represented to the user. Model, controller, and view components are interconnected.

View Component:

Model data is displayed to the user by the view component. By creating an interface, the user can see the final output. To be honest, the view component won't show anything. The view component displays the output from the controller/model to the users. Additionally, it collects user requests and informs the controller. Model and view components are interconnected.

Controller Component:

As the central component of the MVC architecture, the controller plays an important role. Furthermore, the controller component serves as a bridge between a user and the system. Controllers understand the output, convert it into appropriate messages, and send them to views.

Advantages of MVC architecture:

  • Faster development process: It has three different components so 3 developers can work on each individual project and complete the projects as soon as possible.
  • Asynchronous Technique Support: MVC easily integrates with other frameworks such as Java and others. So, it is easy for a developer to develop web and app pages.
  • A modification does not affect the entire model: we previously knew it was divided into three components that work independently. So, any changes in one component should not affect the entire model.
  • SEO friendly: MVC is a Content Management System (CMS), so it is SEO-friendly and easy to rank on Google.

Advantages of Laravel Framework:

It is common to know that Laravel's new version was launched on Feb 8, 2022, which is very stable comparing other versions. Taylor Otwell created Laravel in July 2011, five years after the launch of Codeigniter. Here we list some of the efficient features of Laravel Framework.

  • Testability: As an MVC architecture, Laravel accepts a maximum of the testing modules that prove the scalability.
  • Artisan: Artisan is a built-in tool that automates repetitive tasks for developers. Additionally, developers can create their own commands.
  • Easy and Secure Migration: With a little effort, we can easily expand our database in Laravel Framework. It is also very secure to use these methods.
  • Unit Testing: Laravel runs many tests to make sure that new changes made by programmers do not unexpectedly break the web application.
  • Easy API Integrations: For connecting third-party APIs, there are many tutorials available in Laravel. In addition, most third-party API providers provide plug-and-play API code for Laravel that can be easily used by developers.
  • Strong Developer Community: Since Laravel has been around for more than a decade, there are a lot of developers on the market, and they also have a community. As a result, we can easily build a product or application with Laravel.

Mobile app development

Build and scale your mobile app backend with Laravel. It is very lightweight and secure code that helps you run your app backend smoothly. Also, it comes with a lot of testing features that make it easy to fix bugs. When it comes to scalability, Laravel is the best choice because it has a large developer base and developer community to help without losing manpower. Here we mention some advantages.

  • Quick Launch
  • Easy multilingual operation
  • Affordable
  • Restful Routing
  • App size flexibility
  • Consistent update

Get in touch with us if you want to develop your own mobile app. Laravel is our backend, Flutter is our frontend, and MySQL is our database.

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Ecommerce development

Read this blog to learn how to start an eCommerce business in India.

We already have a plug-and-play eCommerce script in Laravel. As an eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore, we have seen a lot of eCommerce clients with limited budgets. Our best solution was to use the Laravelavel framework because it has incredible scaling options and can be easily migrated when needed.



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Laravel integration

We will help you to integrate any API or third-party application into your Laravel application. There are many other API providers with whom we have worked. We worked with Razorpay, Instamojo, Payubiz, Stripe, Paypal, and many others for payment gateway integrations. We work with Shiprocket and Delhivery for shipping integrations. We used Fast2SMS and 2Factor for SMS integrations. Other than this, we are currently working on a lot of live projects that require API integrations. Hence, we will proudly claim that we are the best Laravel development company in India for Laravel integration projects. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Laravel Customization

In most cases, people purchase Laravel scripts from codecanyon, but they end up seeing a lot of bugs and need customization as well. Our goal is to help them out here. Among the scripts, we worked with were some of the most famous Laravel scripts in codecanyon and the like. Our team will help you modify the flow, design, or whatever you need. Furthermore, if you have an outdated version of Laravel and PHP, we can help you upgrade to the latest updates which are very stable.

Web development

Create your dynamic websites with Laravel, a CMS (content management system), so you can easily rank on Google. As a fast-growing web development company in Coimbatore, we work on a lot of live projects around the world. Honestly, we only use the Laravel framework for all our projects. We find Laravel to be the best framework for providing our clients with the best solution. With Laravel, we develop static & dynamic websites, landing and single-page websites, eCommerce websites, and ERP & CRM applications. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Laravel Extension Development

There are many different thoughts and meanings about Laravel extensions. Here we share our thoughts and experiences that may be helpful to you. For example, if we're using Google Chrome, we might be able to use many extensions like Grammarly, WordAI, SEO tools, etc. To simplify our normal process. Like every coding language has its own libraries. If you would like a new extension, we can create it for you. Most of the time, it is only needed by software companies. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more.


We already have our plug-and-play Laravel LMS script. For more details, contact us. Because LMS software needs a lot of dynamic functionality, we chose Laravel. It is ready for use by education institutes, trainers, and others.


Fuel your company with CRM & ERP in Laravel Framework. Daily and day-to-day work require that software. We have premade ERP and CRM applications that help you automate your business. To know more contact us.

What companies use Laravel?

A list of some big companies using the Laravel framework is presented below.

  • BBC
  • Lenovo
  • FedEx
  • 9GAG
  • Pfizer
  • Fingent
  • STRV
  • Crowdcube and more

Our process of developing mobile apps

  • Retail: As a leading eCommerce website development company in Coimbatore, we develop great shopping websites using Laravel.
  • Supply Chain: We automated the supply chain systems of many companies using our Laravel developers.
  • Food Industry: Create a website that is eye-catching and tempting for your customers to purchase your products. Using Laravel, we develop it.
  • Tourism and Travels: A more dynamic function will attract more customers to engage with it. Create your own ticket booking website.
  • Education: Streamline your institution management process with us.
  • Real Estate: Let us build your website before you build the rest of the project.
  • Accounting Industry: With Laravel technology, we recently developed a SAAS product for our client.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why should we hire you?
    With more than 5 years of experience in the market, we are a top Laravel development company in India. Our knowledge of the market allows us to complete your project as soon as possible.
  • Did you work hourly?
    Yes, we will work hourly, weekly, and monthly and we will charge based on the project, the work we do, and the manpower we use.
  • If you were to create a basic dynamic website in Laravel, how long would it take you?
    It takes us at least 10 days to create a basic dynamic website. We saw above that Laravel runs in an MVC architecture. This allows us to dedicate more resources to various areas of the project, thus allowing us to complete it more rapidly.
  • What is Laravel's latest version?
    Laravel 9 which was launched on Feb 8, 2022.
  • In PHP, what are some of the Laravel competitions?
    Codeigniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii and others.
  • Why is the framework is necessary?
    This question has a lot of answers. Here we share our points of view. In the beginning, we always worked with PHP, as our developers also liked it because it was easy to develop. However, after some time, we realized that every developer used their own style, so it took longer for another developer to analyse and do things. We must follow a lot of things if we are planning to use the framework. In Laravel everything is divided into folders so we can easily do our job.

Why should you choose MS IT PARK to develop your Laravel site?

Globally, we have completed more than 200 Laravel projects. When we get a project, our first priority is to do a complete analysis, then we give a report and a project timeline, and wait for approval before starting. If you hire us, we will also assign a separate project manager to your project. As soon as we complete a project or task, we do unit and complete tests to ensure that your site is bug-free. With our SaaS eCommerce product, everyone gets a custom-named eCommerce website built in Laravel and it's also multitenant.

  • eCommerce
  • Cleaning Industry
  • Cycle Industries
  • HR Industries
  • Financial Solutions
  • Accounting SaaS
  • B2B companies

Final Thoughts:

As a software development company in Coimbatore, we use Laravel for both internal and external operations. Laravel is also trusted and used by big companies. The question "Is Laravel the right choice?" has been asked for more than 5 years and will continue for more than 20 years. You don't need to worry about it. You can simply start. If you need a Laravel application, we can build it.

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